acme synthetic chemicals was setup in 1970 initially as part of Acme Soap Works and soon as an independent entity. acme soap works was founded in 1947. The founders were inspired by the freedom movement and Gandhiji’s call for economic independence along with political independence.

This allegiance to a larger cause, the desire to have a positive social impact, is built into the DNA of the organisations they founded.

From it’s genesis, the focus at acme synthetic chemicals has been on rigorous internal R&D to develop cost effective environmentally friendly processes for producing technically complex products of the highest quality.

Acme’s product range can be grouped mainly around Castor Oil derivatives, Chromatographic adsorbents, High Purity Lipids / Fatty acids and Specialty Chemicals mainly based on oils and fats. These products are used in a diverse range of industries such as pharma, personal care, lubricants, textile auxiliaries etc.

Over the years Acme has specialized in and mastered techniques for isolation, separation and purifications of difficult to purify fatty acids such as Oleic Acid (99% by GC) and Linoleic Acid (99% by GC). These find use in pharma and personal care products.

Acme has developed a global market on the strength of assured top quality, fair prices and un-failing adherence to delivery schedules. About 80 % of Acme’s turnover is exported to destinations all over the world.

Acme also undertakes contract manufacturing

Processes handled are :
Reactions / Operations
  1. Esterifications – Transesterifications
  2. O-Alkylations
  3. Alkoxide based Condesations. Aldol, Claisen, Dieckmann & Darzen’s Condensations.
  4. Friedel – Crafts Acylations.
  5. Bouveault – Blanc Reductions.
  6. Baeyer – Villiger Oxidations.
  7. Oxidation – Dehydrogenation.
  8. Reduction – Hydrogenation.
  9. Separation of close boiling components by fractional distillation.
  10. Purification of heat sensitive products using a variety of isolation and purification methods.

Product Portfolio

We have a range of products which mirror the spread and depth of our technical expertise. We make chromatographic adsorbents used in a variety of purification processes. We produce Castor oil derivatives by thermal cracking of Castor oil to produce Undecylenic acid and Heptaldehyde. We make several downstream products based on these. We also make a variety of other Castor oil derivatives for a plethora of applications.

We make aroma chemicals and pre-cursors to perfumery chemicals.

We produce difficult to purity, very high purity fatty acids and their salts and esters.

We also undertake product development at the behest of clients where the chemistry is similar and products are natural extensions to what we are already doing.

Production Facilities

Acme has production sites at Mumbai and Tarapur, about 100 kms from Mumbai. The Mumbai site is spread over 4300 sq.m of land and the Tarapur site about 2300 sq.m.

Reactors of Stainless Steel range from 70 lts to 5000 litres capacity. Glass assemblies are also available upto 50 litres capacity. High vaccum fractionation setups in S.S. are available which enable us to do efficient separations of close boiling compounds. Two short path distillation setups are also available for distillation of heat sensitive products. Utilities available are thermic boilers, oil ring and water ring ejectors, chilling equipment etc.

The Tarapur facility is part of a Common Effluent Treatment Plant. Both sites have internal effluent treatment facilities.We have a very capable, well trained and dedicated team most of whom have with us for many years.

Acme also has strong relationships with other companies with specialized strengths. Processes which can be handled more efficiently by such companies are contracted out. This enlarges the range of products that Acme can make and also ensures that the client gets the product at least possible cost.

Quality Assurance

Quality is fundamental to our value systems and beliefs about what and who we are. We take great pride in the fact that the quality of our products is the best that you can get in their class. It is this pride that ensures that quality is checked and double checked at all stages of the product cycle and that no consignment leaves our factory gates without thorough checks that ensure that all parameters are conformed to.

Since we also regularly develop new products for clients , there are occasions when new products fail in perhaps one of the parameters. But this is normally due to differences in testing methods, and this is part of the learning curve. At such times we throw an abundance of resources at the problem and solve it to the client’s satisfaction in the shortest possible time period, without counting the costs.

This passion and commitment are because we are a right sized, owner driven and managed organisation.


Research & Development

Research and development is what we love doing and is a continuous activity in our organisation. This takes two forms primarily. One part relates to new products. These are generally suggested by clients. Our R & D then gets to work and in the shortest period of time develops an environmentally acceptable process which delivers the desired quality at a feasible cost.

The second part is kind of kaizen, continuing R&D for process optimisations for existing products. The objectives are reduction in environmental load (greener technologies), better yields, reduced proces times etc. The result is better quality at lower prices, to the benefit of our clients.

Why Acme?
  • Family owned and managed.  Hence :-
  •  Close involvement of owners
  •  Intense attention to quality
  •  Quick decision making
  • Ability and willingness to incur expense / absorb losses to meet contractual obligations.

Our Mission

To establish a reputation as the First Choice source for Quality Products:
To achieve this we shall:

  • Offer products of a quality better than or at least equal to the best available in the world.
  • Manufacture quality products using cost effective & environmentally sound Manufacturing processes.
  • Maintain delivery schedules & high service standards.
  • Offer fair price at all times