Synonym Octadecanoic Acid
CAS No. 57-11-4
Formula C18H36O2
Mol. Wt. 284.48 AMU
Purity by GC 99.50% min by GC
Description White Crystalline Powder
Acid Value 195 – 200
Saponification Value 195 – 200
Iodine Value 1 Max
Moisture 0.5% Max. By KFR
Packaging Plastic Carboy of 30 KGS Net

2D diagram – Stearic Acid 99.5%


Acme Synthetic Chemicals is the Manufacturer, Supplier and also the Exporter of Stearic Acid.

Stearic Acid is classified under CAS No.57-11-4.

Stearic Acid is also known as Octadecanoic Acid.

Stearic Acid is an essential saturated fatty acid that is found in all vegetable, seed, nut, and animal oils. Although Stearic Acid can  be from several sources, the most common source in better quality nutritional supplements is vegetable Stearic Acid.

Stearic Acid is used as a releasing agent in the production of automobile tires, softeners for textile sizing, and in grease and other  lubricants.

In cosmetics, Stearic Acid is used as a stabilizer for lotions, deodorants, and creams. Stearic Acid provides binding and thickening  properties on the products that makes the products stick smoothly to the skin and have extended shelf life.

Stearic Acid is used in numerous food products. It is used in the production of shortenings, margarines, spreads, and butters.

One of the most commonly known uses of Stearic Acid is in the manufacture of candles. It is used as a hardener and strengthener  for candles.

Stearic Acid is also commonly used in the production of soap. Stearic Acid is usually used as an additive. It can harden soaps and  give shampoos a pearly color and consistency.

Other uses of Stearic Acid include candy hardening,manufacture of fireworks and metal polishers, injection molding, and in ceramic  making.