Synonyms Ricinoleic Acid Zinc Salt, Zinc Salt of Ricioleic Acid
CAS No. 13040-19-2
Formula C36H66O6Zn
Mol. Wt 660.30
Description White to Off White Powder
Moisture 3% Max
Iodine Value 76 – 88
pH of 1% Solution 6 – 7.5
Zinc Content 9.2% – 10.6%
Packaging The Material will be packed in plastic open mouth drum with ring & lid with poly bags on the inside, of 30 KGS Net Each

2D diagram – Zinc Ricinoleate


Acme Synthetic Chemicals is the Manufacturer,Supplier and also Exporter of Zinc Ricinoleate, which is calssified under CAS No.13040-19-2.

Zinc Ricinoleate is also known as Zinc Salt of Ricinoleic Acid and Ricinoleic Acid Zinc Salt. The zinc source is zinc oxide and the  ricinoleic acid is a purified fatty acid that is naturally occuring in castor oil.

In cosmetics applications, deodorizing means eliminating or preventing unpleasnt odors, are highly effective active deodorizing  substances.

Zinc Ricinoleate has good odor absorption properties. Many odor removal formulations incorporate Zinc Ricinoleate as an activ  ingredient.

Acme’s Zinc Ricinoleate is manufactured from purified raw materials and is therefore much more effective in its functions of odour  absorption / removal. therefore has potential usage in several products such as deodorants, detergents, perfumes, toilet  preparations, odor absorbents in waste management schemes etc.

Zinc Ricinoleate also has anti-fungal properties and is used for this.Zinc Ricinoleate is known to have flow modifier properties and  can be used profitably in several industries such as plastics, master  batches etc.

Zinc Ricinoleate is available in 30 kg net plastic open mouth carbouys with lid and ring with two polybags on the inside.

Acme’s current capacity for Zinc Ricinoleate is 300 tons per annum.