Synonyms 10-Undecenoic Acid, Hendecenoic acid
CAS No. 112-38-9
Formula C11H20O2. CH2= CH (CH2) 8 COOH
Mol. Wt 184.28
Purity 99% min by GLC.
Description Colorless to pale yellow liquid or leafy crystals
Odor Variable from oily fruity to sour fatty
B.P 275-279(decomposes).
Occurence Not found in Nature. Synthetic Product.
Acid Value 296-305
Sp.Gr 25/25 0.91 average (liquid).
Iodine Value 135-140
Saponification Value 296-305
Congealing Point 23oC to 24oC
Stability Stable when stored properly

2D diagram – Undecylenic Acid


Acme Synthetic Chemicals is the Manufacturer, Supplier and also Exporter of Undecylenic Acid as per BP/EP/USP.

Acme’s current capacity is 1800 tons per annum. Acme can offer Undecylenic Acid in drums / FCL Lots and ISO Tanks.  Each FCL  can take 80 HMHDPE (plastic) drums of 210 kgs net each. An ISO tank can take 18 to 20 tons.

Undecylenic Acid is also known as 10-Undecenoic Acid, Hendecenoic Acid which is classified under CAS No.112-38-9.

Undecylenic Acid is produced by cracking of castor oil under pressure.

The main uses of Undecylenic Acid are listed below:

Undecylenic Acid is used in the manufacture of synthetic nylons,”Nylon-11″ which is an important engineering polymer.  Several  perfumery bases can be prepared from Undecylenic Acid and its derivatives.

Undecylenic Acidhas a fatty – fruity rosy note and therefore used in traces in Jasmine, rose and other floral bouquets, although to a  limited extent.

The following perfumery chemicals can be prepared from Undecylenic Acid and its derivatives.

  •  Methyl undecylenate fatty citrus odors – used in lilac perfumes
  •  Ethyl undecylenate – fatty musk: odor – used in rose compositions.
  • Allyl undecylenate – quince odor – used to modify floral bouquets.
  • Undecylenic aldehyde – penetrating rose odor with an orange violet touch used in compositions of Rose, Jasmine, Clary sage and eau-de-cologne.
  • Undecylenic alcohol – fatty citrus note – used in compositions of Jasmine, Rose and Lilac.
  • Undecalactone (Aldehyde C-14) powerful and tenacious sweet fruity odor similar to ripe peach. It can produce distinctly  sweet and fresh notes in Jasmine,Lilac, Rose Acacia Amaryllis, Lotus & in all kinds of fancy bouquets and in peach and  apricot flavors.

Undecylenic Acid is the starting material for other important aroma chemicals such as pelorgonic acid and esters, several Macrocylic  Musks such as Ethylene Brassylate (Musk T) exaltone, exaltolide, Musk RI, Cevolide etc.A variety of compounds useful as  bactericides, fungicides & insect sprays are produced from Undecylenic Acid.

Many pharmaceutical formulations use mixtures of Undecylenic Acid and its Zinc/Calcium Salts as active ingredients for their anti-  fungal properties in remedies for fungal skin infections such as athelete’s foot, ringworm etc.

Undecylenic Acidand its zinc soaps are used as fungicides in medicine and agriculture.

Undecylenic Acid is used in the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and perfumery, including antidandruff shampoos  antimicrobial powders and as a musk in perfumes and aromas.