Synonyms Undecylic acid, Hendecanoic acid
CAS No. 112-37-8
Formula C11H22O2
Mol. Wt 186.3
Purity 98% Min by GC
Description Colorless to pale yellow liquid or crystalline mass
Acid Value 296 – 304
Saponification Value 296-304
Iodine Value 2 max
Congealing Point 27oC – 29oC

2D diagram – Undecanoic Acid



Acme Synthetical Chemicals is the Manufacurer, Supplier and also Exporter of Undecanoic Acid which is classified under CAS  No.112-37-8.

    • Undecanoic Acid is also known as Undecylic Acid, Hendecanoic Acid.


    • Undecanoic Acid is a naturally occurring carboxylic acid with chemical formula CH3(CH2)9COOH.


    • Undecanoic Acid is White crystalline solid or powder.


    • Undecanoic Acid can be used in organic synthesis.


    • Undecanoic Acid is used in Antifungal  Agents.


    • Undecanoic Acid is classified as:Antiseborrhoeic, Cleansing, Emulsifying, Masking, Surfactant, Flavor and fragrance agent in cosmetics & perfumes.


    • Undecanoic Acid is a saturated C-11 acid.


    • Undecanoic Acid is a raw material for many perfumery chemicals.


    • Undecanoic Acid is also a starting point for some important steroids.


Several lubricant formulations have Undecanoic Acid as one of the ingredients.We can offer Undecanoic Acid in drums / FCL Lots  and ISO Tanks.

Undecanoic Acid is packed in 210 kg HMHDPE ( plastic) drums. Each FCL can take 80 drums of Undecanoic Acid. An ISO  tank  can take between 18 to 20 tons of Undecanoic Acid. Our current capacity of Undecanoic Acid is 1200 tons per annum.


Undecanoic Acid serves as a raw material for the manufacture of a number of esters, some of which are used in perfumes, more in flavor compositions.