Synonym Methyl Soyate
CAS No. 67784-80-9
Description Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid
Acid Value 3 MAX
Saponification Value 182 – 195
Iodine Value 113 – 140
Moisture 0.75% Max by KFR
Packaging Plastic Carboys of 30KGS Net


Acme Synthetic Chemicals is the Manufacturer, Supplier and also the Exporter of Soya Oil Methyl Ester.

Soya Oil Methyl Ester is classified under CAS No.67784-80-9.

Soya Oil Methyl Ester is also known as Methyl Soyate.

One of the early applications for Soya Oil Methyl Esterwas in fuels and lubricants. Numerous lubricant products are  being marketed or are in development, including household lubricant sprays, metalworking fluids, form-release agents for asphalt,  and concrete and lubricity additives.

The uses for Soya Oil Methyl Ester include printing ink removal, paint stripping, metal de-greasing, oil spill clean-up and resin  removal. Numerous consumer products also are based on Soya Oil Methyl Ester including hand cleaners, body lotions, car waxes  and safe household cleaners.

Soya Oil Methyl Ester provides effective solvency is low in volatile organic compounds (VOCs), has a high flash point, is nontoxic,  and is compatible with other organic solvents and most metals, plastics, and elastomers.

In most applications, Soya Oil Methyl Ester is formulated with co solvents or surfactants to meet specific performance  requirements. Slow evaporation can be an advantage in many applications, such as ink removal and paint stripping, by extending  the duration of solvent action and reducing solvent usage.

Blending Soya Oil Methyl Ester with other organic solvents can synergistically enhance the properties of each individual solvent.

Soya Oil Methyl Ester can be used in cosmetics as an emollient which means it makes the hair feel smooth and soft also as skin  conditioning agent.

The benefits of Soya Oil Methyl Ester include:

  • 100% Biodegradable.
  • Easy and inexpensive to recycle.
  • Renewable- made from soybeans.