Synonyms Oleic Acid Sodium Salt, Sodium Salt of Oleic Acid
CAS No. 143-19-1
Formula C18H33O2Na
Mol. Wt. 304.44
Active Content 70% Min.
pH of 5% Solution 10.5 – 11.5
Packaging Plastic Carboy Of 30 KGS Net

2D diagram – Sodium-Oleate


Acme Synthetic Chemicals is the Manufacturer, Supplier and also the Exporter of Sodium Oleate.

Sodium Oleate is classified under CAS No.143-19-1.

Sodium Oleate is also known as Oleic Acid Sodium Salt, Sodium Salt of Oleic Acid.

Sodium Oleate occurs as a white to yellowish powder or as light brown yellow coarse powder or lumps. It has characteristic odor &  taste.

Sodium Oleate is soluble in alcohol and water. 

Sodium Oleate is a major component of soap as emulsifying agent.

Sodium Oleate is used in medicines. It is used in the treatment of cholelithiasis.

In various oil based cosmetics, Sodium Oleate is used as cleansing agent, emulsifying agent, surfactant, thickening or gelling agent  and viscosity controlling agent.

Sodium Oleate is used in the production of insoluble metallic stearates and industrial lubricants.

Sodium Oleate is also used as textile waterproofing agent.

Sodium Oleate can be operated as anion type surface active agent.

Sodium Oleate can be used as floating agent in mining ore industry.

Sodium Oleate can be used as laboratory reagent in manufacturing of chemicals and other oleates.

This Sodium Oleate is widely demanded in the international market due to its high effectiveness, eco-friendliness and purity, and is  offered in different grades to meet the varied needs of our clients. Moreover, we are offering the entire range at an affordable cost to our clients.