Synonym Oleic Acid Butyl Ester
CAS No. 142-77-8
Formula C22H42O2
Mol. Wt. 338.57
Purity by GC 99% Min. as Butyl Oleate
Description Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid
Acid Value 2 max
Saponification Value 164 – 167
Iodine Value 72 – 77
Moisture 0.5% Max By KFR
Packaging HMHDPE Drum of 180 KGS Net

2D diagram – Butyl Oleate 99 %


Acme Synthetic Chemicals is the Manufacturer, Supplier and also the Exporter of Butyl Oleate.

Butyl Oleate is classified under CAS NO.142-77-8.

Butyl Oleate is also known as Oleic Acid Butyl Ester.

Butyl Oleate is a fatty ester derived from natural oils that has excellent solvency properties, is readily biodegradable and has low  toxicity characteristics.

Butyl Oleate is used in  lipsticks, hair sprays,solubilizer for creams and lotions, Antistatic lubricant, plasticizer for natural and  synthetic defoamers, textile wetting (oiling) agent, used in leather industry, carbon source in antibiotic culture  broths, rust inhibitors  etc.

Butyl Oleate as a fatty ester has excellent solvency  powers and hence can easily be formulated with a wide range of oils,  surfactants and oils soluble  materials.

Butyl Oleate is light yellow transparent liquid.

Butyl Oleate is soluble in organic solvents such as ketone,ether,benzene and chloroform but insoluble in water.

Butyl Oleate is used in plasticiser and stabilizing agent in polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Butyl Oleate can be used as plasticizer for natural and synthetic rubber.

Butyl Oleate  offers good low-temperature flexibility, heat, sunlight and water resistance.

This Butyl Oleate is widely demanded in the international market due to its high effectiveness, eco-friendliness and purity, and is  offered in different grades to meet the varied needs of our clients. Moreover, we are offering the entire range at an affordable cost to  our clients.