Acme Synthetic Chemicalsis the Manufacturer, Supplier and also Exporter of ChromatographyAdsorbents which is classified under CAS No. 1344-28-1.



  • Chromatoghraphy is today one of the most important and widelyused techniques available for the separation and analyses of complex organic mixtures. The original technique has undergone a number of innovations and modifications in the past few years as regards the nature of adsorbents, techniques of loading and elutions etc.
  • The rapid spread of chromatography to a wide variety of applications both analyticals and preparative, reflects rare combinations of characteristics from these two fields, versatility, exceptional performance and marked simplicity of techniques, apparatus and interpretation.
  • Two very popular cromatographic separation techniques are column chromatography and Thin Layer Chromatography.
  • The purification of chemical substance either naturally occurring or synthetically perpared mainly involves its separation from other chemicals present in the mixture.It is here that the high degree of efficiency of column chromatographic techniques in separating different compounds classes, can be effectively made use of.
  • Column chromatography, in its classical form, consists in seprating the individual components of a mixture by loading the mixture into a column packed with finely powdered adsorbent and then developing the column with a solvent i.e. eluting th individual substance in the mixture by passing a solvent or a mixture of solvent through the column . The individual substance are collected as successive eluent fractions.
  • Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) is one of the most popular and widely used separation techniques. The reasons for this are many and include ease, wide application to a great number of different sample, high sensitivity , speed of separations and relatively low cost. The development of the thin layer chromatography in the past few years has provided organic chemists and biochemists with an important method of analysis and this tool has rapidly become indispensable.




We offer Silica Gel and Aluminium Oxide of Chromatographic grade. The Silica Gel has a pore dia of approximately 60 Angstroms. It can be supplied in various mesh sizes such as 60-120, 70-230, 100-200, 230-400, finer than 400, etc.

The bulk density of Acme’s Silica Gel is only around 0.4 whereas most other brands are around 0.65. Thus our Silica Gel not only gives better separations but also generates savings for the client by virtue of the fact that the client needs to use much less per cycle. (A 100 liter column will require only 40 kgs of Acme’s Silica Gel and upwards of 65 kgs of other brands).

Acme’s Silica Gel is produced in fully enclosed environments under controlled conditions unlike many other brands which are manufactured in open air and contain extraneous im-purities.

Chromatographic Adsorbents

Products CAS No. Products CAS No.
Silica Gel for Column Chromatography 112926-00-8 Alumina for Column Chromatoraphy 1344-28-1
Silica Gel for TLC 112926-00-8