Production Facilities

Acme has production sites at Mumbai and Tarapur, about 100 kms from Mumbai. The Mumbai site is spread over 4300 sq.m of land and the Tarapur site about 2300 sq.m.

Reactors of Stainless Steel range from 70 lts to 5000 litres capacity. Glass assemblies are also available upto 50 litres capacity. High vaccum fractionation setups in S.S. are available which enable us to do efficient separations of close boiling compounds. Two short path distillation setups are also available for distillation of heat sensitive products. Utilities available are thermic boilers, oil ring and water ring ejectors, chilling equipment etc.

The Tarapur facility is part of a Common Effluent Treatment Plant. Both sites have internal effluent treatment facilities.We have a very capable, well trained and dedicated team most of whom have with us for many years.

Acme also has strong relationships with other companies with specialized strengths. Processes which can be handled more efficiently by such companies are contracted out. This enlarges the range of products that Acme can make and also ensures that the client gets the product at least possible cost.