Acme Synthetic Chemicals is a family owned and managed concern. 

        It was set up in 1970 as a spin-off of Acme Soap Works (established in 1947), manufacturer of household and industrial Soaps and Detergents. 

         Acme’s earliest products were mainly import substitutes.

         The first products were Chromatographic adsorbents – Silica Gel and Alumina. 

         To support the usage and spread of Chromatography, a nascent field then, Acme also started manufacturing applicator kits and GC packed columns, again as substitutes for imported equipment.  (This was later dis-continued when availability to users became hassle free with many manufacturers coming up).

         As a spin-off of Acme Soap Works, Acme already had experience and insights into working with, and usage of, Vegetable Oils and Fats.  Hence most of Acme’s subsequent products were vegetable oil and fat derivatives.

•        Among the earliest such products were Ultra High Purity Fatty Acids / Lipids, such as Oleic acid 99 % by GC, Linoleic acid 99 % by GC. Being un-saturated they are very sensitive and a variety of purification and isolation techniques have to be employed to upgrade the purity.

         Castor Oil was one of the most promising raw-materials because India had a major share of world production. 

         Castor Oil can be a starting point for a wide variety of products.   Acme has considerable technical strengths and hence decided to focus on a technically complex and niche area – thermal pyrolysis of the Castor Oil molecule. 

         Acme worked on and developed, all internally, continuous pyrolysis technology.

         This activity was later shifted from Acme’s manufacturing unit at Mumbai to a Greenfield project specially setup for this,  with friends and associates, at a site near Baroda.

       This site has now a production capacity of approx. 1400 tons p.a. of Undecylenic acid and around 800 tons per annum of Heptaldehyde.