Synonyms 12-Hydroxy-Hexadecyl ester 9 – Octadecenoic Acid
CAS No. 10401-55-5
Description Soft Waxy Solid
Color 6 Gardner Max
Acid Value 2 Max
Saponification Value 95 – 110
Iodine Value 42 – 57
Packaging M S Drum of 180 KGS Net

2D diagram – Cetyl Ricinoleate


Acme Synthetic Chemicals is the Manufacturer, Supplier and also Exporter of Cetyl Ricinoleate which is classified under CAS  No.10401-55-5.

Cetyl Ricinoleate is also known as 12-Hydroxy- Hexadecyl Ester 9- Octadecenoic Acid.

Cetyl Ricinoleate is an ester of ricinoleic acid and cetyl alcohol. A fatty acid made from castor oil, a vegetable oil obtained from the  seeds of the ricinus communis plant. Also known by its trade name Naturechem CR.

Cetyl Ricinoleate works as a conditioner, stabilizer and film forming agent in cosmetic formulations.

Cetyl Ricinoleate also known for providing a light, non-oily and silky moisturization to the skin.

Cetyl Ricinoleate is considered to be a non-comedogenic emollient that   does not clog the pores.

Cetyl Ricinoleate popular ingredient mostly used in makeup and skincare products such as lipstick, facial moisturizer, anti-aging  treatment, sunscreen, cleanser, lip gloss and facial masks. It appears as an ivory solid.

This Cetyl Ricinoleate is widely demanded in the international market due to its high effectiveness, eco-friendliness & purity, and is  offered in different grades to meet the varied needs of our clients. Moreover, we are offering the entire range at an  affordable cost to our clients.


Used to a limited extent in perfume Compositions. It may supply interesting notes in citrus top note complexes and give pleasant variation in cognac oil or other green winey odors.