Synonyms 10 – Undecen – 10L, n-Undecenoic Alcohol, Alcohol C11 (saturated)
CAS No. 112 – 43 – 6
Formula C11 H22 O. CH2=CH – (CH2)8 CH2OH
Molecular Weight 170.3
Purity 98% min. by GC
Description Colorless to Pale Yellow Liquid
Odour Fresh but rather fatty odour with citrusy waxy and rosy,petal like notes.
BP 245 deg. c.
Sp.Gr @ 250C 0.85 approx
Acid value 5 max
Storage In hdpe or ss or glass or Aluminium containers. Preferably full or under neutral gases like Carbon Dioxide or Nitrogen.

2D diagram – Alcohol C11 (Undecylenic)


Acme Synthetic Chemicals is the Manufacturer, Supplier and also Exporter of Alcohol C-11 Undecylenic Which is classified under CAS No.112-43-6.

Alcohol C-11 Undecylenicis also known as 10-Undecen-1-Ol, N-Undecenoic Alcohol,Alcohol C-11 (Unsaturated),Undecenyl & Alcohol, Undecylenic Alcohol and Undecenol.

Alcohol C-11 Undecylenichas a variety of uses.

Alcohol C-11 Undecylenicis one of common ingredient in flavor and fragrance.

Alcohol C-11 Undecylenicis incompatible with strong acids & strong oxidizing agents.

Alcohol C-11 Undecylenicuse as Antistatic Agents, Masking Agents, Perfuming Agents, Skin Conditioning Agents in Cosmetics.

Alcohol C-11 Undecylenic is used as a perfumery ingedient to give a “lift” to floral fragrances.

Alcohol C-11 Undecylenicis a pre- cursor for several specialty chemicals with various functions.

This Alcohol C-11 Undecylenic is widely demanded in the international market due to its high effectiveness, eco-friendliness and purity, and is offered in different grades to meet the varied needs of our clients. Moreover, we are offering the entire range at an affordable cost to our clients.


Finds some use in perfume compositions, mainly to give “lift’’ to Rose, Jasmine, Mangnolia, violet, Lilac, Cassie and other floral fragrances and also in Citrus top notes or fruity notes.